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How to achieve the perfect combination of blowing agent and rubber material

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Update time : 2024-02-01 10:15:00

In order to achieve the matching of the two and make better rubber products, the choice of foaming agent and vulcanization system of rubber material is the key.

First, according to the vulcanization temperature to choose the decomposition temperature and the corresponding blowing agent, and then according to the decomposition rate of blowing agent at the vulcanization temperature to adjust the vulcanization speed of rubber, such as the use of delayed accelerator and other accelerator and vulcanization system, can be adjusted the amount of accelerator to adjust the vulcanization speed;

Second, when the curing system is determined, the variety of blowing agent and the appropriate particle size are choosed according to the curing speed. The particle size of blowing agent is also one of the most important factors determining the decomposition rate of blowing agent. The particle size decreases, the specific surface area of the particle increases, the heat conduction efficiency increases, and the decomposition speed is accelerated. Therefore, the balance between the decomposition speed of the blowing agent and the vulcanization speed of the rubber can be adjusted by selecting the appropriate blowing agent particle size. In addition, strict control of the particle size distribution of blowing agent is the key to obtain uniform bubble holes. The average particle size of blowing agent AC is between 2 ~ 15fnn, and the blowing agent AC of different particle size range is different.