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Study on formulation and technology of rubber foam material

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Update time : 2024-01-30 10:11:00

At present, the research on the formulation of rubber foam materials mainly involves filler, vulcanizing agent, blowing agent and so on.

At present, the research of rubber foam material technology mainly involves foaming temperature, foaming time, molding process (molding, extrusion molding) and so on. Rubber foam sole

Rubber foam bottom is made of natural or artificial rubber closed cell or open cell foam material made of paving fabric. Half a century ago, people used this material in a large number of sneakers, sports shoes, travel shoes, liberation shoes, casual shoes and so on. It has excellent elasticity, good tear resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, electrical insulation and other properties.

Solid rubber foaming production of rubber sponge, the principle is to add a foaming agent or add a foaming agent in the rubber, at the vulcanization temperature, the foaming agent decompresses the gas, is surrounded by the rubber to form a bubble, and the rubber expands to form a sponge. The main factors that determine and affect the structure of the bubble are: the gas volume of the blowing agent, the diffusion rate of the gas in the rubber, the viscosity of the rubber and the vulcanization rate, among which the most critical is the matching of the gas volume of the blowing agent, the gas production rate and the vulcanization rate of the rubber.